IMCINE Welcome

For 14 years, the Monterrey Film Festival has been spreading passion for cinema; its history is a testament of this as well as its programming offer. Both elements prove that the festival has an authentic and powerful personality among other Mexican film festivals.

Creating and nurturing new audiences is something else that characterizes the Monterrey Film Festival. People in Monterrey have a strong bond with the festival. Therefore, it is highly valuable for the Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía to collaborate with this festival, while enjoying the variety of proposals, either in fiction or documentaries, with France as a guest but always with Monterrey as the background.

I applaud the Monterrey Film Festival on its 14th anniversary, and I hope that viewers will learn and enjoy from Mexican and International contemporary films;  also, we will be fortunate to have filmmakers visiting, and I hope that, together, we will be able to spur the local film industry.

Finally, I praise young and committed filmmakers who want to better their environment, pushing the limits forward while contributing with new concepts, narratives and aesthetics. Congratulations to all of them!