Secretaría de Cultura Welcome


A message from María Cristina Cepeda, Mexican Minister of Culture, to The
Monterrey Film Festival.


“One planet and millions of stories”, is the claim that represents the 14 th Monterrey Film Festival. Over a decade of enthusiasm and celebration of diversity have made this event a sort of window into international cinema for local audiences to enjoy.
It is a Film Festival, but also a platform for Mexican, and foreign filmmakers, who capture in their cameras the topics and the cinematographic languages of our time. It is a space for exhibition, education and professionalization; a forum for dialogue, the exchange of ideas and inclusion, in a city that welcomes filmmakers and audiences for a meeting full of surprises on screen.

This year, the guest country is France. Both Mexico and France enjoy the common fortune of having a successful and mature generation of filmmakers, who observe the world and translate it through their own cultural identities. Welcoming France, the Monterrey Film Festival will honor the director Claire Denis and the actor Pierre-Henri Deleau, icons of French cinema. It will celebrate Blanca Guerra’s career; the Mexican actress heir of a rich tradition full of mythical figures; she embodies the beauty and talent of artists emerged from Mexican screens but with an international reach. The Festival will also acknowledge Bertha Navarro for her long and successful career as producer and as an artist without boundaries, someone committed to quality and a prime mover of films with historical impact. The Mexican Ministry of Culture reassert its commitment to strengthen and broaden the Mexican cinema horizons, in order to globally project our film tradition and its undeniable contribution to the world of cinema. The Monterrey Film Festival celebrates 14 years of being a dynamic artistic platform, always encouraging us to participate in the universal ceremony of cinema, welcoming audiences and trying to reinforce friendship through culture with magic on the screen. María Cristina García Cepeda Minister of Culture.