11 Mexican Full-Length Films in competition at the Monterrey Film Festival 2018

The 2018 Monterrey Film Festival Official Selection of Mexican Full-Length Films, is comprised by 11 films, 6 in the category of fiction and 5 documentaries.

It is important to highlight the fact that 3 of these films are local productions, therefore, they will also compete for the Best Full-Length Film made in Nuevo Leon.

Drown among the dead (Rubén Gutiérrez); Black pudding (John Dickie); The weak ones (Raúl Rico and Eduardo Giralt Brun); The uncertainty, (Haroldo Fajardo); Distance (Andrea Martínez [Ricardo Andrés]); and The darkest days of us (Astrid Rondero) are the movies in the category of fiction.

Meanwhile, in the documentary section are: Ayotzinapa, the turtle´s way (Enrique García Meza); M-1 (Luciano Pérez Savoy); Mamacita (José Pablo Estrada Torrescano); A philosopher in the arena (Aarón Fernández and Jesús Muñoz); y Rush Hour (Luciana Kaplan).

Narce Ruiz, Monterrey Film Festival’s Director of Programming emphasized what a good year it has been for Mexican cinema, especially because much of the 55 films submitted come from different cities and regions within the country.

“It has been an interesting year for Nuevo Leon particularly, because 5 films submitted are locally produced and 3 out of those films were selected to compete. However, there is still a lack of women directing full-length as well as short films in Nuevo Leon” she said.

Out of the 11 films in the Official Selection, 2 were directed by women and one by the genderqueer Ricardo Martínez (now Andrea Martínez).

With regards of the documentaries, Ruiz mentioned that Ayotzinapa, the tragedies of missing persons, Guerrero state and the lack of law and order were among the most recurring themes.

“I was happily surprised by how eclectic the documentaries were. Through our filmmakers’ talent we are able to see different Mexican stories”, mentioned Narce Ruiz.

This Official Selection will showcase at the official venues (Cineteca Nuevo Leon and Cinepolis Las Americas) during the 14th Monterrey Film Festival, from August 16 to August 23, 2018. More information will follow soon.

Mexican Full-Length Films winners, both for fiction and documentary, will be granted the Monterrey Film Festival Trophy, el Cabrito de Plata. On the other hand, the Best Full-Length Film made in Nuevo Leon will receive a prize that includes one day rent of equipment (camera, sound, light and rigging system) for his or her next film production sponsored by Monterrey Filmorent.

The awards ceremony will take place on August 22 at Teatro del Centro de las Artes, in Fundidora Park.

Monterrey Film Festival is presented by the Council for Culture and the Arts of Nuevo Leon (CONARTE), the French Embassy in Mexico and the Federal Culture Ministry, with support of Cinepolis Sala de Arte and UANL.


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