French Embassy Welcome


It is both a great honor, and a great joy for me, to acknowledge the humbling decision the Monterrey Film Festival made by choosing France as a guest country for the Festival’s 14th edition. France and Mexico have a shared love for cinema and culture; our two countries are going through a fertile creative period, in which the film industry is strong and able to produce a good amount of films made by talented young artists. It is also worth noting that both countries enjoy having large audiences who choose movie theaters as a privileged spot to appreciate works of art.

The Monterrey Film Festival is one of the most relevant events of its kind in Mexico. This year, close to 10 French personalities will participate and 14 feature films will be exhibited as part of the French program.

Aside from film screenings, attendees will be able to enjoy several other activities: debates, workshops, professional gatherings, training sessions, conversations and 2 film/concerts. Most of these events will be of interest for young students, film critics, future filmmakers and cinema professionals.

Offering this kind of program all over Mexico is of utter importance, and it is aligned with our vision of culture as a political agent, driving and accepting diversity.

Culture, the melting pot of innovation, creativity, education and economic development, is a driver of exchanges between France and Mexico. Thanks to this cultural backbone that unites us we will be able to tackle the great challenges posed by the world in front of us.

I would like to thank all the Monterrey Film Festival attendees for their presence, as well as all the staff members, institutions and sponsors who made this 14th edition a reality. I wish nothing but the best for the Monterrey Film Festival!
Honorable Anne Grillo

French Ambassador in Mexico