The Monterrey Film Festival offers 14 activities for training and analysis on current trends in the film industry.

The 14th Monterrey Film Festival will offer more than films, it will also provide a setting for film criticism and film students, as well as a moment to analyze the role women play in the industry.

Seminar on Film Criticism

On August 20 and 21, the famous magazine Les Cahiers du Cinéma will offer a Seminar on Film Criticism. This activity is part of the French program.

The Monterrey Film Festival is honored to have Les Cahiers du Cinéma, represented in this case by the critic and member of the editorial department Thierry Méranger. Mr. Méranger, alongside with Carlos Bonfil, film critic from La Jornada; they will teach a Seminar on Film Criticism, hoping to motivate analysis and reflections about cinema and about film criticism.

This activity will be of interest to people with proven experience commenting films for a media outlet. This event has a limited availability and interested individuals can register online.


“You are young. You are a filmmaker. Try out”. KinoStartLAB is a place for a new generation of storytellers and passionate filmmakers to experiment and to share their craft in as many screens as possible. This is a space for them to engage with creative professionals and fulfill their vision. KinoStartLAB 2018 is govern by 3 topics: Creation/Training/Promotion.

From August 20 to August 22, attendees will have access to conferences and panels, and will also be able to review short films and audiovisual portfolios; cinema professionals will provide feedback to their short films and demo reels to increase their growth opportunities.

3rd Northeastern Encounter of Women in Film

For third consecutive year at the Monterrey Film Festival there will be a Northeastern Encounter of Women in Film. A space for women filmmakers to find not only an echo to their voices and stories, but also a place for them to create with a plural and inclusive vision, the foundation of the film industry in Nuevo León.

You could think that in 2018 this encounter is a mandatory one. The #MeToo movement shocked the film industry, is the most important story on the newspapers and helped women to go out and protest, to show their presence, (or criticize their absence) in the world of film. On August 18 and 19, there will be two days of coexistence to share experiences and opportunities and projects and future.

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