Edition 2017

Cinema moves… our will, our ways of thinking, seeing; it moves ways of being and doing. Cinema moved Nuevo León through stories from every corner of the planet. This year, despite the difficulties, FIC Monterrey had its 13th edition, from August 24 to 31, 2017.

Inauguration Gala

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The Great Hall of Monterrey City Theatre was the witness of the opening event of the 13 FIC Monterrey. This year we had the national premier of The Beguiled, a film by the acclaimed director, Sofia Coppola. Universal Studios. After the Inauguration Gala participants enjoyed music and drinks at Colegio Civil Centro Cultural Universitario.

Mexican Tribute to Career Achievement

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This year we recognized Dolores Heredia’s work as an actress and President of the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences. Heredia received the Cabrito de Plata as part of her Mexican Tribute to Career Achievement and the Cabrito de Cristal as an Icon of Mexican Cinema in the Aula Magna of Colegio Civil Centro Cultural Universitario.

We Are Industry

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This edition the industry portion of the Festival gets stronger and grows: We presented the X Film Industry Day and the II Northeastern Encounter of Women in Film.

X Film Industry Day

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Audiovisual industry in Nuevo León continues to grow. Ten years ago this project has seeked to gather the members of the regional industry to push forward and develop the profession. This is a day dedicated to reflect and imagine how out industry will be tomorrow.

Nuevo León Short Film Gala

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As part of the activities of the X Film Industry Day we organized the Nuevo León Short Film Gala at Cinepolis Las Americas (Garza Sada).

The Different Looks of Mexican Cinema

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As part of the FIC Monterrey events, we hosted the book presentation of The Different Looks of Mexican Cinema by PhD Aurelio de los Reyes, winner of the National Award of Arts and Literature in 2016, in History, Social Sciences and Philosophy. Edited by the Cultural Secretary, through IMCINE, the book studies, criticizes and analyzes subjects about Mexican film history to give the reader a wide panorama of the film work in Mexico.

II Northeastern Encounter of Women in Film

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As filmmakers we actively intervene in the construction of an identity and memory. Historically women have been denied the privilege to tell their stories and to share their glances. Let us question the bases of Nuevo Leon film industry.

The Art of Storytelling A master class by Vancouver Film School

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The story is the soul of any audiovisual production. Understanding its elements and build it with certainty to establish a direct communication with the audience is the filmmaker first responsibility. It doesn’t matter is it is the screenwriters, photographer, director, editor or producer.


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The collaboration between UANL and FIC Monterrey has grown in the last past years, that is why the Festival curated a special program to take to the University and add into the academic experience of the students.


This edition of the Festival, we took a special program of the best films of past editions into different cities and towns of Nuevo Leon, such as Santiago, Linares, Ciénega de Flores, Salinas Victoria, Mina, Cadereyta and Bustamante.

Awards Ceremony

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The Theatre of the Center for the Arts was the perfect stage to recognize the best of local, national and international film. After the ceremony there was a screening of The Room, a film that tells eight different stories about the transformation of Mexico through the last 100 years. Directed by: Carlos Carrera, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Carlos Bolado, Ernesto Contreras, Alfonso Pineda-Ulloa, Alejandro Valle, Iván Ávila, Natalia Beristáin.


Best International Feature Film (Audience Award)
Brigsby Bear by Dave McCary.
Best International Narrative Short Film I
Hijo por hijo by Juan Avella (Venezuela).
Best International Documentary Short Film
Kopfüber (Head first) by Daniel Thomaser (Alemania).

Jury Mentions:
Cucli by Xavier Marrades (España)
Ringo by Adriá Pagés (España)

Best International Animation Short Film
Le futur sera chauve (El futuro está pelón) by Paul Cabon (Francia).

Best Short Film
La familia Hernández Cruz by Anaïs Pareto

The Jury awards two Best Mexican Documentary Short Film prizes to:
La muñeca tetona by Diego Osorno and Adolfo Alexandro Aldrete
Las raíces del roble by Daniel Delgadillo and Yesendi Zataráin

Best Mexican Animation Short Film
Cerulia by Sofía Carrillo.

Best Nuevo Leon Short Film
Quiero hablar contigo by Carlos Mendoza
*Receives an award worth $20,000.00 MXN, which includes one day of equipment rent by Filmorent.

Best Short Film
La barca de oro by Malcom Vargas
*Receives prizes worth $35,000.00 MXN courtesy of MGA Sound.

18h45 by Juan Vildósola and Theo Kaya
Hasta el fin del mundo by Gabriel Pérez
Carla y la página 49 by Fernanda Sandoval


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Mexican Feature Films: Amber Dawn, Kees Brienen, Pau Montagud

Short Films: Erika Ávila, René U. Villarreal, Samara Ibrahim

MECE: Evaristo Madero, Helena Canhoto, Juan H. Villar


Sponsors, Collaborators and Alliances
To all of them, THANK YOU!