CONARTE President Welcome

Celebrated every August for the past 14 years, the Monterrey Film Festival remains as one of the most important cultural events in the northern part of Mexico.

This relevant position is well deserved, because during these years the festival has shown more than 2,500 films, drawn more than 3,700 people from the film industry and reached more than 217,000 attendees. This success is possible due to the aid of companies and sponsors who every year affirm their commitment to support cinema; as well as local, state, national and foreign governments who trust and fuel culture and film; other festivals, exhibitions and film clubs who share their best films; and also worth noting is the tenacity of the Monterrey Film Festival staff; but above all, we must thank the audience that every year goes to the movie theaters and allows for this cultural enterprise to keep growing.

There are several reasons to celebrate, one of them is the presence of Pierre-Henri Deleau as a guest, Mr. Deleau is the Founder and Director of the Director’s Fortnight at Cannes. He is a tireless cinema promoter and currently he is Director of the Cinema and History Festival. Also, we are honored to have Claire Denis, a seasoned director with 29 films under her belt, Let the Sunshine In, Beau Travail and White Material are among her most popular films. Another reason to rejoice is the designation of France as a guest country for this year.

I would like to take this opportunity to salute the French Office in Monterrey, the first one of its kind in the continent, as well as the French Embassy for their great support and confidence to accomplish this task. France is a country with a serious approach towards culture, and we can testify that in this edition of the Monterrey Film Festival.

On top of that, we will grant the Cabrito de Cristal award to the Mexican Cinema Icon to Blanca Guerra, an actress with more that 100 projects, either on film, theater or television. Some of her most noted films are El imperio de la fortuna, Santa Sangre, Danzón, and Un embrujo. We continue celebrating with the Homage to the Mexican Artistic Career award to Bertha Navarro, the most relevant producer in Mexico. Her 35 films include Reed, México insurgente, Cronos, El laberinto del fauno and Ayotzinapa, El paso de la Tortuga exhibited this year at the Festival.

With so many reasons to celebrate, we encourage everyone to enjoy this 14th Monterrey Film Festival!