UANL Rector Welcome

Our students and professors have taught us how to love the seventh art. Professors share films with their students, but also comradeship and school programs; and our students, creative dreamers themselves, have many times turn to production to shoot their own short and full-length films.

Undoubtedly, the Monterrey Film Festival represents a great opportunity for students to showcase their projects; but at the same time, it brings to light the cultural happenings of our city, our country and the whole world.

A few years ago, the UANL, through the Secretaria de Extension y Cultura, and the Direccion de Desarrollo Cultural, have reinforced its support towards the Monterrey Film Festival. Currently, the Colegio Civil Centro Cultural Universitario, via Cinema Fosforo, it is an official venue; the Aula Magna has hosted the Cabrito de Plata award ceremony; and our high schools and college departments have enjoyed an impressive program of short films and documentaries, many of them, made by our own students.

This year, when UANL commemorates its 85th anniversary, we remain extremely proud of the collaboration we have with the Monterrey Film Festival; a festival that aims to be one of the top 5 in the country, and the most important in Northern Mexico.

Let’s keep creating and collaborating.

Rogelio G. Garza Rivera

UANL Rector